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Member of the Garden Club of Virginia since 1924


About Us

Mission Statement

To promote the beautification of our community and encourage environmental stewardship through education and active participation


Community preservation for future generations ~ Protect native trees and wildlife and their natural habitat ~ Education through nature camp scholarships and youth programs ~ Promote civic planting


Rivanna’s Club Flower – The Lilac

Our club flower, the most fragrant incredible bush – known since1941 as having seven distinct colors - white, violet, blush, lilac, pinkish, magenta and purple - was for many years a part of Jean Printz's beautiful Wilton Farm.  These very same lovely bushes with all the glorious colors have been on Mount Air Farm since the late eighties through layering and root cuttings taken from Wilton Farm by Bill and Lois Keller, who became the new caretakers.




GCV Restorations

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Conservation Education

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