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Organized in 1922, Member of the Garden Club of Virginia since 1924



..to promote the beautification of our community and encrourage environmental stewardship through education and active participation.

Celebrating 90 Years of Garden Club History


As a Member of The Garden Club of Virginia
Rivanna Garden Club participates in funding the Garden Club of Virginia’s restoration projects by helping to host Historic Garden Week in the Albemarle County / Charlottesville area. In rotation with Albemarle and Charlottesville Garden Clubs, Rivanna chairs the tour once every three years and fulfills other roles alternately.  The local tour raises funds each year to assist one of the largest volunteer projects in the country.

Rivanna also participates in GCV’s Conservation Forum and campaigns, education forums, horticulture exhibits, and special projects....Click Here for more information

The Rivanna Garden Club Documentary Celebrating our 90th Anniversay http://www.youtube.com/embed/-16cSf2OGfc?rel=0

Rivanna Garden Club is delighted to announce that the Hatton Ferry project is the winner of the Garden Club of Virginia's 2011 Common Wealth Award

Click Here for more information

If you would like to see more on the Hatton Ferry, here is a link to a Community History series program that included a presentation by Bernard Chamberlain


Rivanna Garden Club is delighted to announce that the Blue Ridge Juvenile Detention project is the winner of the Garden Club of Virginia's 2015 Common Wealth Award




Francis Bacon 1625

"God Almightie first Planted a Garden. And indeed, it is the Purest of Humane pleasures. It is the Greatest Refreshment to the Spirits of Man; Without which, Buildings and Pallaces are but Grosse Handy-works."


GCV Restorations

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Conservation Education

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