• RGC Projects

  • As a Member of The Garden Club of Virginia

    Rivanna Garden Club participates in funding the Garden Club of Virginia’s restoration projects by helping to host Historic Garden Week in Albemarle County / Charlottesville. In rotation with Albemarle and Charlottesville Garden Clubs, Rivanna chairs the tour once every three years and fulfills other roles alternately.  The local tour raises funds each year to assist one of the largest volunteer projects in the country. 

    Rivanna also participates in GCV’s Conservation Forum and campaigns, education forums, horticulture exhibits, and special projects. 

    As Citizens of the Charlottesville / Albemarle Area

    Our Members Actively Support the Community's Ongoing Commitments Including:

    • Annual interactive projects with residents plus monetary donations: 
      • The Blue Ridge House
      • Attention Home
      • The Alternative School 
    • Youth Conservation Education: Annual scholarships to Nature Camp and ARC camp
    • Adoption of a “bio filter” (rainwater retention basin) in Claudius Crozet Park, Crozet, VA, with Albemarle County's approval and assistance, Rivanna designed, planted, and maintained the area for six years until it was established. 
    • Members participated in the Rivanna Conservation Day by helping the Albemarle County Riverbank Project. Three thousand trees were planted on the banks of the Rivanna River. 
    • Monetary awards to fund projects, which are selected by Rivanna's Ways and Means Committee, are funded by proceeds from our holiday bazaar and other activities. These awards are selected annually. Some awards are continual support to ongoing projects, while others are a single grant.
    • From 2006 - 2017, Rivanna Garden Club provided awards to:
      • RGC Conservation Committee - to promote conservation and recycling within Rivanna Garden Club.
      • Venable School’s Habitat Fund - to continue the school's conservation education for tree identification, feed library "pets", prevent erosion through planting, replace blue birdhouses, expand the butterfly garden, and fund a local stream study.
      • The Rivanna Conservation Society -  to provide funds for the Rivanna Watershed Summit 2007 - 2008, reprint river maps, and purchase water monitoring kits for use by students. Providing youth scholarships for the River Sojourn permitted students to continue to monitor water quality and wildlife habitat.
      • Flora of Virginia - to provide Publication funding.
      • Nature Camp Foundation/Endowment - to finance Foundation support for their reorganization and facility updates.
      • Eagle Scout Project - to partially fund materials for landscaping and planting for two public gardens at The Covenant School for the Eagle Scout.
      • International Rescue Committee/New Roots - to support 20 - 25 refugee families with plot rental, tools, fence, compost and seeds - and to provide fencing,a watering system & tools within their Micro Producer program, a farmer training initiative.
      • Hatton Ferry - to fund interpretive signage on the history of the ferry, river, and transportation. In addition, in an attempt to stabilize the river banks to control erosion where trees and shrubs were planted. The Hatton Ferry is the last hand-poled ferry in the United States. Rivanna Garden Club's goal is to restore, conserve, educate, beautify, protect and preserve this historical landmark.
      • Miller School Arboretum - to replace trees previously damaged by a hurricane.
      • Shelter for Help in an Emergency - awarded to defray costs for the protective vegetative screening at their new facility.
      • Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society - to restore their garden and fund a new bench.
      • Schoolyard Gardens - to fund compost bin systems at six elementary schools, with plants, seeds, stone, and material; as well as garden materials and tools.
      • Deep Roots Summer Camp (a free program) to partially fund a staff position. The Schoolyard Gardens and Deep Roots Summer Camp mission is to teach through hands on experience, academic achievement, health, environmental stewardship, and garden based experimental learning.
      • Henry Avenue Learning Center - to help build a greenhouse.
      • Martha Jefferson Hospital Botanical Garden - to identify plants with botanical signage for patients, families and visitors.
      • Spruce Creek Children's Nature Trail - to fund signage located at the Rockfish Valley Foundation that supports conservation, recreation, and environmental education for youth and their families.
      • Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail Inmates Garden - to provide funding for compost, mulch, trees, shrubs and plants. Master Gardeners advise inmates. The goal is to increase inmate confidence, knowledge and opportunities for future employment.
      • Blue Ridge Juvenile Center - to build new raised garden beds, install 24" diameter double razor wire at the garden roof over pond, and buy plants and seeds for the facility garden. The juvenile residents plant and maintain the raised beds and greenhouse. They consume and sell their produce but also donate a portion to the Habitat for Humanity Store, Virginia School for Autism, and Buford Middle School.
      • Western Albemarle High School - to provide supplies and garden materials for existing garden plots.
      • Lucy Meriwether Lewis Marks Healing Garden - to provide plugs, seeds and plants for Garden.
      • City Schoolyard Garden - Urban Agroforestry Buffer at Burnley Moran.
      • Elk Hill Group Home - to provide a vegetable garden& greenhouse for young men living there.
      • Georgia's House - to provide garden tools and materials for a garden for women in recovery.
      • Rivanna Conservation Alliance - to provide printing of 250 Field Guides in English to be used to facilitate water quality monitoring - biological, chemical, bacterial & physical.
      • Wildrock - Planters, watering cans, tools, soil, compost, signage and plants.