• Organized in 1922, Member of the Garden Club of Virginia since 1924

  • Rivanna Garden Club Grant Program

  • The Rivanna Garden Club has established a set of objectives to create and promote the civic beautification of our community; to encourage environmental stewardship through education and active participation; and, to foster an appreciation of the natural beauties of our area.

    In furtherance of these objectives, the Club assists in community preservation for future generations: natural resource conservation, with a focus of protect native trees, wildlife and their natural habitat; education through nature camp scholarships and youth programs; and, promoting civic planting. Cash grants that are confirmed by the Club are disbursed annually.

    Evaluation Criteria
    Requests for grants will be reviewed and evaluated by the Club's Ways and Means Committee to establish the degree to which the project furthers the Club's objectives.
    -Community Impact
    -Educational Interest of the Project
    -Organized future maintenance and monitoring

    How to Apply:

    1. All applications must be completed by the designated deadline (November 1 if the Applicant has not been assigned a Ways and Means Committee representative; January 12 if the applicant already has a representative on the Ways and Means Committee) Applicants needing representative may contact the 2020 -22 Ways and Means Committee Chair, Nancy Brooks at ntbgarth@comcast.net
    2. Applicants may duplicate the application form using your own word processing program, however they should not reformat or add additional information.
    3. You may submit up to 2 (two) pages of attachments with the application to support your proposal. Supporting documents may include color photos with captions (good quality photocopies), garden plans, or other written materials concerning the proposal. Attachments should accompany the application and will not be returned.
    4. Applications should include an itemized budget and timeline as part of the proposal. All applications should be signed by the proposing organization's grant contact or administrator.
    5. Emailed applications with proper signatures are preferred. Applications can be emailed to the RGC representative assigned to the nonprofit organization, to the Ways and Means Committee Chair, Nancy Brooks at ntbgarth@comcast.net or mailed via US Mail to The Rivanna Garden Club, Ways and Means Committee, PO Box 6554, Charlottesville, Virginia 22906-6554
    6. Grantees are required to submit a report at the completion of the project.

    The Ways and Means Grant application can be downloaded below:

    Grant Program Application (Microsoft Word document)

    Grant Program Application (PDF)

  • Note: To be considered, each grant application must be reviewed and signed by the grant contact person and/or an administrator.